Why is this message on a race car?

AREVA, along with partners at Entergy Corporation, have teamed up with Simona De Silvestro’s team, KV Racing Technology, to sponsor the Nuclear Clean Air Energy national educational initiative.

Simona is a strong advocate for clean air nuclear energy, and a competitive driver of the No. 78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar. The IndyCar serves as an effective platform for engaging the public in learning more about safe nuclear energy and its environmental and economic benefits.

With this initiative, we accomplish three goals:

    Nuclear is the only clean air, on-demand, significant power source for our nation. Racing venues across the country showcase the Nuclear Clean Air Energy message with millions of fans.
    With driver Simona de Silvestro, we are conducting educational outreach across the country, encouraging students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). During the next five years alone, thousands of new graduates will be needed to replace a retiring nuclear energy workforce, including engineers, highly skilled construction staff, and vendor manufacturers supporting the nuclear industry.
    Nuclear Clean Air Energy promotes leadership and vision for our country’s energy policy in a climate of citizen support for energy independence.